Free apps for Tradies to help you save time and run your business

There really is an app for everything. I saw one the other day called ‘Run Pee’ which lets you know when it’s safe for you to run to the toilet in a movie so you don’t miss an important scene!

Run Pee App Logo, leading in to an article free apps for tradies
Yes, the Run Pee app is real.

While I know missing a main part of the plot because when you need to go -you need to go, can be annoying but today we’re going to focus on some apps which will make your day to day life as a tradie so much easier. 

There are heaps of apps to help you run your business like a pro by saving you time, boosting your productivity and keeping you on top of your organisation game. And, they’re all free! So, let’s jump in and discover some of the top free apps for tradies.

Free apps for tradies


Tradify will be your best mate and business companion. You can manage jobs, schedule appointments and track your time—all in one place. You can also create quotes, invoices and even purchase orders. It’s like having a virtual assistant in your pocket.


Say goodbye to pesky paper timesheets or forgetting when you or your subbies worked with TSheets. This app lets you and your team easily track time, log breaks and record project hours. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and Xero software, making payroll much simpler.


Create professional invoices and quotes on the go with Invoice2go. Customise your templates, add your logo, and send them to your clients from your phone. It’s a simple and efficient way to manage your invoicing and get paid faster.

Step up your job management with ServiceM8. This app helps you schedule jobs, manage workflows, and track your team’s progress. You can also generate professional-looking quotes and invoices, keeping your business operations streamlined. It also integrates with Xero.


Keep your business running smoothly with Jobber. This all-in-one app helps you manage scheduling, dispatching, quoting and invoicing. You can also track your team’s progress, communicate with clients, and keep everyone on the same page. Think of it as a client relationship management system on the go. 


Turn your smartphone into a portable scanner with CamScanner. Snap photos of documents, receipts, or even blueprints, and the app will convert them into high-quality PDFs. It’s a handy way to digitise important paperwork and keep your files organised.


Hubdoc helps businesses with document management and bookkeeping. It’s like having a virtual assistant that can extract important data from receipts and invoices It automatically organizes and categorizes all your documents, and integrates smoothly with QuickBooks and Xero. It’s free if you’re a paying Xero or QuickBooks client. Hubdoc also lets you run bank statements, collaborate with others, and securely store your financial files. It’s a game-changer for streamlining workflows, reducing manual work, and making sure everything is accurate and organized.

With these top free apps in your toolbox, you’ll be equipped to handle anything that comes your way.

From job management and invoicing, to staying compliant, organizing your time and expenses, and keeping clients and your team in the loop these apps have got you covered. So, embrace the power of technology and let these tools help you thrive as an Aussie tradie.

Remember to review the features and terms of use for each app to make sure they meet your specific needs and to consider be aware of privacy or security before using them.

Do you use any of these apps? Or have any faves you can recommend?

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Ready to take your books and business to smooth operator level? Smart choice!

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Ready to take your books and business to smooth operator level? Smart choice!

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Ready to take your books and business to smooth operator level? Smart choice!