ATO Client Linking – the process has expanded. Find out what you need to do and where to get help.

The ATO Client Linking process changes are now in effect. 

The main reason for these changes is to enhance security for businesses and protect them from potential scams, fraud, and identity theft.

This expansion of the client linking process has important implications for business owners.

Let’s look at:

  • The ATO client linking changes


  • What you need to do before you follow the ATOs instructions to set up the link from your business to your BAS/TAX/Payroll agents. 

The ATO’s Client Linking Expansion: What’s Changed?

The ATO’s client linking process expanded to help secure and streamline tax and financial reporting procedures. They have introduced a new feature in their online services to make sure only qualified Tax, BAS and payroll providers can be linked to your account and access your confidential tax information.

While many sectors of business already have access to this feature, from November 13, 2023, all businesses with an ABN, excluding sole traders, who wish to engage a new agent or grant additional authority to their existing one must follow the steps outlined in a guide provided by the ATO.


Before you race to the laptop to start the ATO client linking, read this information, it could save you a heap of time.

  • If your existing agent arrangement/s remain unchanged, you don’t need to do anything right now
  • The ATO has also said that agents are not authorised to complete this process on behalf of business owners.
  • Once you’ve completed the linking process, let your agent/s know because this doesn’t happen automatically.

3 things to do BEFORE you start the ATO client linking process

  1. Set yourself up as the primary authority for your business, with a myGovID.
  2. Link your myGovID to your ABN by using the following link: myGovID Linking.
  3. Ask your agent for their ‘registered agent number’

Now, you can login to follow the instructions.

The ATO created a step by step by step guide, pictured below. If it’s fuzzy, click this link and it will take you there.

The Impact on Business Owners:

With the ATO’s expansion of the client linking process, business owners need to be aware of the broader implications. While the long term objective is to improve security, like with all changes there will probably be  challenges during the transition.

Businesses will need to allocate time and resources to navigate the new procedures successfully. This could involve additional training for staff, adjustments to internal processes, and ensuring all stakeholders know about the change to ATO client linking and how to make it happen. 

Even though ATO client linking aims to safeguard businesses, it’s essential to be proactive and monitor your accounts,- and do your research before engaging any Tax, BAS or payroll agents.

Wrap up

The ATO’s client linking expansion brings both benefits and challenges for business owners. It’s a positive step towards a more secure and streamlined financial reporting system, but it also requires time which is something we are all short of!

Thankfully there is a number you can call if you hit any speedbumps! The number is 132 866.

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Ready to take your books and business to smooth operator level? Smart choice!